15 August 2011


7 days
One week
168 hours
10,080 minutes

Until my baby starts Kindergarten.

Y'all, I know I may be freaking out a bit. Ok, a lot, but this is a huge thing for me. And Tyson. And Tucker. And what the heck, it's a huge thing for Stuart too. For him, this is the beginning of his son becoming the next _____ (fill in the blank with something really smart that takes a lot of schooling).

So, with the beginning of school looming over us, I desperately need to tackle that teacher's gift. What? I am not above kissing up! Since we still don't know who Tyson's teacher is going to be (she is supposed to call any minute to tell us who she is and set up a time for us to come up to school and meet her, bring Tyson's supplies and see what his classroom is like), I don't want to do anything personal. If I did know her name, I would love, love to do this:

But, since I can't do that right now, I've narrowed down the field to a couple of easy, non-specific ideas:

My fav right at this minute is the jar of mints. I also really like the "first aid" kit. But really, they're all cute.