31 August 2011

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Oh boy, Monday...

So we started the week with 3 out of 4 being sick. Fantastic!

Tyson came home from school and brought some lovely hand-me-down-back-to-school germs with him. I blame the yucky kids, not him. And Texas. I really blame Texas and all the stinkin' allergies that surround us and encroach on our lives causing Benadryl and Claritin and Nasonex and Flonase and Pseudoephedrine and Halls to be our best friends; but I digress.

Tyson come home from school on Thursday and woke up Friday morning with a fever, coughing, congestion; all signs that he could not go to class that day. I called his teacher and she confirmed that he needed to be fever free for 24 hours before returning to school. A little stay-cation was in order. Or sick-cation.

Saturday we packed our bags and headed out geocaching. Have I never mentioned geocaching? It's fabulous. Kind of like treasure hunting, but in a grown-up way and super fun for the whole family. Go check it out here. Anywho, last weekend we stumbled on a geocaching challenge put on by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept and totally jumped head first into it. Saturday concluded out Hill Country Passport and we all came home tired but happy and checked off swimming in a lake for the boys.

Sunday, Stuart awoke to some tingling in his throat. We all know what that means=grumpy husband whom requires round the clock servitude. Yeah, I said it. Tucker also spiked a fever of 102 Sunday afternoon confirming our fears that we all would get sick. Poor little guy did not feel good and even rested on me some that afternoon.

Monday. Why does Monday always have to start out on the wrong foot? Stuart still felt "dumpy", Tucker was coughing and constantly wiping the snot off his face (and I had to wake him up to get dressed and take Tyson to school-not fun!), Tyson no longer had a fever but was also coughing AND I woke up feeling awful.


Have I mentioned how wonderful it is to be sick?
My mom, bless her heart, brought us dinner Monday night because she's a mother and wife and gets it.

(Can I just take a moment to say thank you to all the mothers and wives that still have to perform all necessary acts to keep a household running and/or still working while also sick. Give yourselves a pat on the back. You deserve so much more but I know you'll settle for a pedicure or a margarita or just a full 8 hours of sleep.)

Yeah, so Monday started off rough. Tuesday began with me loosing my voice (something that happens EVERY time I get a sinus infection) and progressed to a fever, throat pain, difficulty swallowing, chest constriction, coughing and overall miserablness (I'm making that a word). And lucky for me, every person in San Antonio is also sick and also making appointments at my doctor's office so I couldn't be seen.

But there is hope! I successfully clenched a spot to see the good 'ole medicine woman today. Yay!

And that is all I have to say about Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. And Friday, Saturday and Sunday apparently.

Oh, except, today is last day of August?! For reals?!


Jessica said...

I get it on the end of August. Good news...maybe no more 100* days?

Love you.