20 October 2011

No more training wheels

Last week (wow, has it only been a week?), Tyson has his bike rodeo at school. When the flyer was first sent home, I asked Tyson if he wanted to participate. He thought about it for a minute then told me no. He had been working on riding with no training wheels but he wasn't super confident and then he thought he would be embarrassed if he took Tucker's bike with training wheels still attached.

Stuart was super smart and took his bike up to school on the day of the rodeo anyway. Tyson ended up having a blast and on Friday, came home with this around his neck:

He won 1st place!! I can not tell you how much this child was beaming. It was adorable.

Immediately Stuart set out to really teach Tyson how to ride two-wheel style. The kid is amazing and has now been transformed.

**can I just tell you that it took forever to type out this post. Working with only one and a half hands is quite tedious**


Tina said...

So proud of our little biker!!