24 October 2011


This weekend we loaded up and made the quaint drive to Yukon, Oklahoma. And yes I understand that there are a lot worse things than being trapped in a vehicle with your children and husband for 10.5 hours (one way and the reason for the extra hours? traffic. painful, bumper-to-bumper, stand-still traffic), but golly that was a long drive.

We headed up north for a family reunion of sorts. Stuart's mom's cousin (and fabulous family) live in Yukon and invited several family members to come and celebrate his brother's birthday. And really, does anyone need a reason to get together and eat? I think not.

It was so good to see everyone and meet some new people.

I managed to only take one picture the entire weekend. I chalk it up to having fun and socializing (and eating).

the boys and their oldest cousin, G

But here some quotes from the weekend that are quite interesting:

"Are we in Uncle-Homa yet?"
"Uncle Boma lives in Uncle-Homa"
"Are we still in Texas?"
"I'm  really hungry."
"That's the biggest Chesapeake Energy sign I have ever seen in my whole life!"
"Look! There's another Chesapeake Energy truck!"
"So Uncle Steven in really daddy's brother? Just like Tyson is my brother?"
"Can I have more candy corn?"
"We get to sleep in a hotel!!!!!"
"Aunt Harriett was so nice to give us a bag of candy corn to take home."
"There's a GIANT deer on the WALL!"
"I don't want to drive ALL THE WAY home."
"My bottom needs a rest from sitting."
"Mommy, I just love my bed."

Tucker did manage to steal my phone on the drive home and took a few action shots: