03 October 2011

Nothing in particular

I really wish Chick-fil-A would add the chicken sandwich to their kid's menu. My boys love the sandwich (more than the nuggets) and some stores will charge us more to "make" it into a kid's meal but some don't.

My current musical line-up in the van is as follows: 1) Rascal Flats, 2) Jack Johnson, 3) FFH, 4) Veggie Tales, 5) Veggie Tales, 6) Veggie Tales.

Thanks to Chick-fil-A for numbers 4-6.

Stuart come home today from his fishing trip weekend! Woo hoo! I am so ready to see him and bonus: I don't have to do everything by myself tonight!

The boys are on a Veggie Tales kick. The only movies they are watching are Veggie Tales. The only music we listen to in the van is Veggie Tales. I may or may not have dreamed of King Duke last night.

Grocery shopping with one child is exponentially easier than two. Just sayin'.

We awake to temperatures in the 50's this morning! HALLELUJAH!

Being that it was chilly, I dressed the boys in jeans. Unfortunately this meant that I immediately noticed that Tucker only has ONE pair of jeans that fit. (April, you're gonna have some clothes coming your way!)

I turned the fan down one click in the bedroom last night. That was monumental.