10 June 2012

Milk Duds

Y'all, I'm having a Milk Dud attack. I am so not kidding. I can not get enough of them. It's just so hard to pass up the $.98 bin and not get a box of caramel goodness. And the best part? The boys can't eat them because they are too chewy and cause cavities. Oh yes, we so go there with the boys. It's called: PARENTING.

This past week the boys started swim team. Yup. They have no clue what swim team means but so far they are having fun seeing some friends and getting wet.

Today, my precious, little niece, Kate turns 4. Oh my gracious! We love her so much!

 Last weekend Stu and I got to have a little get away. A family friend was having a birthday party and since it was in Padre Island, we thought it would be fantastic to leave the boys with my parents and have an overnight date. So, so good.
 this was not my phone, just a funny site on the beach

Sunday night marked a first for Tucker-he lost his first tooth! And yes, Stu did pull it out with pliers. And no, it did not hurt. He was screaming from the site of the blood. But he quickly recovered so that he could face time his Mimi and Peepaw and Aunt George and Uncle Shane.

And I bought a new product. So far, so good.

Alright, back to my milk duds.


Jordana Haught said...

hahaha I love the picture of me and Tuck! I hadn't seen it! Too funny

Brooks Family said...

Two things: Sad I missed the phone call with Tuck! and I have always loved that picture of you and Kate.....where has the last few years gone?!