06 June 2012

While we're on the subject

Tucker: Mommy, will you marry daddy?
Me: Baby, mommy already married daddy.
Tucker: Well can you marry him again?
Me: We're already married. Why do I need to marry daddy again?
Tucker: Because you can get married and have a teeny, tiny baby.
Stuart: Sorry bubba.
Tucker: But I want a baby so I can babysit and it won't be too hard.
Me: Tucker, do you want a baby brother or baby sister?
Stu: Why are you continuing this madness?
Tucker: A baby sister. Because they're just so sweet.

*this is not an announcement, Tucker just REALLY wants to have a baby*


Jessica said...

I know of a website where you can find a teeny baby girl for him...or 50!

Brooks Family said...

HE NEEDS A BABY SISTER ;-) make it happen!