10 September 2012


This man.
This man is my everything.
I love him.
A lot.
With every fiber of my being.
He is my better half.
(although some days I am totally the better half)
He is my best friend.
The father of our children.
He fixes things.
Well, everything.
He's a hard worker.
He knows how to hug me.
He loves Guiness.
And that's ok by me.
He can actually sing but he doesn't like to in public.
He has a better sense of style than me.
And that's ok by me too.
He knows every word to Office Space.
He loves cars and tools and electronics.
He does not like watching sports (free remote on Sundays!).
He's really, really smart.
He wants to buy a sailboat, like his parents and live on it.
He loves the water.
He likes the color red.
He could play Legos with the boys for hours.
He's funny.
But sometimes you have to catch his wittiness.
He's kinda shy.
He always has to have a "radiator foot" out while sleeping.
He loves me.
And that's really ok by me.