20 September 2012

It's a Small World

This is Melissa Joan Hart.

This is me. (on the right. in purple)

Why am I showing you a picture of this woman and me?
Funny you should ask.
Melissa Joan Hart was the star of a show called, "Clarissa Explains it All."
When I was growing up I was asked, "do you explain it all?" {snicker, snicker}
I sincerely disliked the show for that singular reason.
Fast forward 20 years and most people don't even know about the show.
But funnily enough, Melissa (i.e. Clarissa) gave birth a baby boy yesterday and gave him the moniker, Tucker.
For the record, I gave my son the name Tucker first.
Just so that we're clear.
This irony got me thinking though.
Melissa has blonde hair. I have blonde hair,
Melissa has 3 boys. I have 2 boys.
Melissa is married. I am married.
(to the same man for each of us I might add)
Melissa is in her thirties. I am in my thirties.
Melissa is the oldest of 8 children. I am the oldest of 3 children.
Melissa has blue eyes. I have hazel eyes.
Kinda crazy.
Now if only I could figure out the six degrees of separation thing...