04 September 2012

I want that, and that, and that

Ok, so last night Stu and I were perusing the bowels of the media, we came across and fancy little show known as "Blog Cabin." Now, we are no strangers to the DIY network. We routinely gaze longingly at all the home renos and think out loud about the promise of what can be done to our own humble abode. (Let me just remind you about the downstairs bathroom...yeah, still not complete. And while we're at it, shall we take a trip down the-Wichita-Falls-house lane? I love my husband. He can do just about anything and he's so stinkin' smart. But time management is not his strong suit. Nope. Not at all. But, I digress.)

"Blog Cabin." Right. So this show comes on and y'all, Stu and I watched like 5 episodes in a row (they were having a Labor Day marathon). We were hooked. And the whole while, Stu kept looking at me with those, "I want to build/redo/start a project that I'm not going to finish for over a year" eyes. And I kept looking at him with my "do I really want that bad enough to let you start said project?" eyes.

But y'all, look at this barn (which Stu totally needs).

And I need this deck for all the parties I'm going to have.

And this view ain't too shabby.

Seriously, this floor? Amazing.

Shall we take a moment to gander at this beauty?

I could deal with this for a bedroom.
(all photos came from DIY Network: Blog Cabin 2012)

Yeah, I may just have to let Stuart build me a few things...