21 June 2013


life rearranged
Y'all, I'm having a hard time believing that today is Friday.
I have been so stinkin' confused all week long.
But the good news is that I will have a brand new nephew by Monday!

Four Dosses.

Our monthly co-op. Yum.

When they get a new Lego set, they always build it downstairs because it's the closest area to the door.

This dog can sleep thru anything.

My dad and I circa 2002.

Perfect bite.

Me and orange stripes and bedazzled shoes and Essie toes.

All intruders beware: we have real bullets AND sticky ones. 

The boys are enjoying this. A lot. I just watch. (stupid peanut allergy)

Swim meet! Go Frogs!

It's a sad day in San Antonio but so proud of these guys. So classy. 

Happy Friday!