22 June 2013

Stitch Fix #2

I know what you're thinking.
I'm only on fix #2.
The truth is that I kind of forgot about it.
Then two weeks ago I was cleaning out my inbox and folders and came across my Stitch Fix folder.
I needed to rectify the situation.
{happy mail}

There are 3 things you should know:
1) I can not take an adequate picture of myself.
2) I do not know how to pose.
3) The lighting in my bathroom is really bad.
4) I used the VSCOcam app to edit these pictures. :)

It's like Christmas!

I love how an actual person puts things together for me. And signs the card.

I asked for mostly dressed with this fix.
{this dress is REALLY short. i like the colors and the fit but i will definitely have to wear leggings under it}

{i like the color of this dress but it was a little too big}

{this shirt was cute and comfy}

{this skirt just didn't make me jump for joy. i don't know, it was just off}

{i really like this dress. it's a knit and orange is a good color}

{the dress is reversible!}

What do you think?

I decided to keep #1 and #5. 
I thought this fix was slightly better than the first, yay!
Interested in trying your own fix?
It's super easy:
Go to StitchFix
Create a profile for free (you can be as specific as you want but the more your tell them about yourself, the better tailored the fixes are for you. You can also link a Pinterest board that can help describe your look.)
Schedule a fix (there are no subscriptions, which is super awesome!)
A trained stylist hand-picks 5 items for you
A cute brown box arrives at your house (shipping if free)
Try on your items (each item comes with a handy-dandy photos with tips on how to wear your items and how to style them. Hello, fashion challenged!)
Check out (online. I love this part. You decide what you want to keep or return and answer a few questions on each item. If you decide to return anything, just place your items in the pre-paid envelope and drop it off at your nearest post-office. Shipping is free both ways, but there's a $20 styling fee that will go towards the purchase of any item. If you decide to keep all 5 items there's even a 25% discount!)
Show off your fancy new clothes!