28 June 2013


life rearranged
Y'all, this week has been beyond amazing.
Not only did I get to witness the miracle of birth but I got a new nephew too!
{you could alternately title this post, "More Hutton"}
Hutton is so stinkin' fantastic and the smell of his newborness makes my ovaries long for another baby in ways that make my husband laugh.
{side note, my middle sister is due with baby #3 in February so Aunt Kika will get to more snuggles!}

My list for Stu

I rode with my parents to Abilene for the birth. I felt like I was 13 again.

Miles was my buddy. :)

Jordana laid everything for Hutton out the night before. Eek!

On the way to the hospital. Their last photo as a family of two.

Y'all, my sister is gorgeous. She's in labor and totally rocking the fab hair.


Shane finally got to hold his son.

This kid had so much hair! He can already comb it over.

His first wardrobe change. The orange hat was delicious. 

Party in Room 12!

I could have held him all night. Too bad I had to give him back to nurse.

Tucker and Hutton.

Tyson and Hutton.

Hello stripes!

See all that metal? Tyson got a palette expander this morning. So far ice cream has been our best friend.

And just because I'm oh so nice, here's a little video to really get those ovaries pumping. Baby cries...

Happy Friday y'all!
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