10 January 2014


So I promised myself that I wasn't going to go a week without blogging but here I am, a week later, and not having blogged at all since my last "insta" post.
Regardless, it was a glorious week.
The boys went back to school.
Can I get a hallelujah from all the moms out there?
I got caught up on laundry.
I had lunch two days in a row with friends.
I got to babysit.
And I overall feel fairly accomplished.

My yearly list.

'Nuff said

Everyone in this family shoots. EVERYONE.

My boys are OBSESSED with Minecraft. It just so happens that Minecraft came out with a PS3 version two weeks ago and now that boys have taken over the tv.

I can not express my joy to have this show back on. And this episode was AMAZING.

One of my goals this year is to sit in front of my handy sewing machine and actually sew something, not just fix this or that. I was so happy to get these gems in the mail to jump start that process.

We do not normally see these numbers in south Texas.

This little guy was pretty stinkin' cute.

Stuart and I did a little marriage seminar together. I need to be reminded that God made men and women different. I also need to be reminded that what I need is not what Stuart needs. And that is OK.

My "just because" flowers from my main man. :)

Happy Friday y'all!
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Mindy said...

Love Downton Abbey. Great photos

Mindy said...

Love Downton Abbey!! Great pictures!