28 September 2009


My husband is a brilliant, ridiculously smart man. However he does something that is so utterly stupid (I know, I'm not supposed to say "stupid" but this really warrants it) I can not fathom how his Einstein brain registers it.

He tips at a drive thru.

Let's look at this again: he tips, as in gives an extra amount of money that might or might not be equal to 20% of the total at a food establishment in which he is driving thru to procure his fillings.

The man gave a $3 tip at a drive thru. (and no this was not Sonic. I have very different feelings when it comes to tipping the car hop at Sonic because he/she actually brings the food out to your car vs. standing at a sliding window and shoving food that has been haphazardly crammed into a bag into your face while you are attempting to hand over your form of payment so that you won't forget and drive off with unpaid food. Clearly the car hop at Sonic is doing something, although now that they have credit cards machines on the ordering screen, it makes it really difficult to give a tip since I never have cash. Sorry.)

I'm not sure what is more appalling, the fact that he gave a monetary tip to a person at a drive thru or the fact that the tip was three whole dollars.

Either way, we have had this discussion before. Not only is it ludicrous to give a tip at a drive thru BUT it also throws my checkbook balance completely out of whack. And you know never to mess with a woman and her balanced checkbook.

Shout Outs:
Online banking-my perfect mate.
Tupperware-you + kids = great.
High of 80-yeah, yeah.


Brittany said...

I'm not laughing at your expense (literally!) but I was cracking up when I read that he tips at a drive-thru. That's funny stuff!