10 September 2009

Table for Two

Child: Um, I wanted to see what the wait time was.
Me: Are you needing to be seen by a doctor?
Child: Um, no, well kinda. My mom wants me to put her name on the list.
Me: Is your mom with you?
Child: No, she's at the house getting ready. She just wants me to put her on the list.
Me: Sweetheart, we can't put your mom "on the list" without her being here. How did you get up to the hospital?
Child: I rode my bike.
Me: Did anyone come with you?
Child: Um, no. My mom let's me ride wherever I want to. {I'm seriously supposed to know this}
Me: Well, you need to go back home and make sure that when you come back you are with your mom. And please be careful going home.

Note-the ER is not a restaurant. We can't put your name on the list so that your room is ready when you get here. And also, children should NEVER ride their bicycles alone to the ER to put your name on the list.


Brooke said...

People never cease to amaze me! I don't think I could do your job--I'd end up getting fired for telling people what I thought of them :)

Jennifer W. said...

Love it! How about walking into the room to check on my patient that I think I hear screaming down the hall to find he is sitting on the stretcher alone. He is two years old. Mom had to go to the bathroom. "Okay Mom. If you need to leave the room again please tell me because IT'S NOT SAFE TO LEAVE A TWO YEAR OLD ON A BED THREE FEET OFF THE GROUND ALL BY HIMSELF." SCREAMING.