18 September 2009

Post Birthday Letdown

I remember growing up being so sad the day after my birthday. It was no longer my birthday. I mean, really could life be any sadder? Well except for that Christmas is a whopping 4 days after my birthday so there was naturally something bigger and better to be excited about, but still it wasn't my birthday.

So naturally I'm feeling that same let down for my son. It's no longer his birthday. It's just another regular 'ole day in the life of a 4 year old. Man, four years old. That's just inconceivable but yet here he is, all grown up and 1461 days old. Geez...

Let's reminisce about yesterday then shall we?

We woke up at a nice and early time of 6:12 am. Tyson came bounding into out room and proclaimed "I'm TWO!" Apparently he thinks birthdays go backwards in years. We have gotten him to admit that's he's actually four but it's yet to be seen if that knowledge will stick. So up we all got (including daddy who didn't quite understand why he too had to get out of bed but was nudged very sweetly from his wife); the boys tore off into the living room to open presents while I snapped photos.

It took Tyson all of 30 seconds to get into all his presents and then the meltdown began. Tucker didn't understand why he also couldn't open presents and Tyson wanted no part of Tucker even breathing on his new treasures. The dogs were beyond confused with all the energy bouncing off the walls and Stuart just wanted to go back to bed. I slaved away in the kitchen making pancakes, which Tyson didn't even touch because he was too engrossed in newness and Scout made it her personal mission to eradicate our house of the monstrous balloon beast.

Playing took over most of the morning which allowed me a few minutes to sneak into the attic and locate my sewing machine (I really need to hem my work pants and a few other do dads and just haven't been inclined to make the trek up the boat stairs and dig around in the bowels of the northern most point of our house). That feat accomplished, I unearthed the boys jeans (seriously, it was actually cool enough for pants! Dare I say fall is here?) and loaded them up in search of party supplies. Just plates, napkins (which are still unopened) and plastic utensils-which we got in blue because Tyson did not want the ones that said Happy Birthday.

Lunch was a happy treat of new lunchables. The boys are bonkers for the new lunchables that have water with koolaid mix and jello. My vacuum cleaning decided to give up the ghost just as I finished in the living room which afforded Tucker is greatest dream realized-having his own "real" vacuum cleaner to play with. This also means that I have approximately 1 day to find a replacement vacuum since the dog hair is currently laughing at me.

One of Tyson's friends came over for dinner and also realized one of Stuart's dreams-a remote control car for Tyson.

Pizza, cake, ice cream, and juice filled us all as well as screams and shouts and laughing and playing.

Then it was off to bed where I'm sure that neither child realized that today was going to be just a normal day.

For Stuart and I the night continued with the season premiere of Survivor (you can laugh but I have watched every single season and I am not about to give it up now) and The Office. And what's next you ask?? Stuart's birthday. He turns 31 on October 9. But I'm just not sure if he's going to get the Speedracer cake or the Moosetracks ice cream.


Amy said...

If you're in the market for a new vaccum, check out Dysons. TOTALLY worth it (but still see if you can find one on Craigslist). We have wood floors downstairs, carpet up and I use my Dyson on ALL of it. Silly great danes and lab mixes plus a cat, a husband and two kids means I vaccum EVERY day and am still grossed out by what the Dyson picks up.

Jennifer W. said...

:) Happy FOUR years of being a Mommy to YOU.