19 February 2010

Checking Off My List

As you know, I adore making lists. I also take the greatest pleasure in checking things off my list(s). Yours truly is a bit OCD. We've discussed this, it's there, it's not going anywhere, now let's move on.

So, here's what I got to check off my list yesterday:
  • Folding and putting away laundry*
  • Walmart run (in which all but one things was retrieved from that list)**
  • Mailed FIL's birthday card
  • Built my 1st Lego creation with Tyson***
  • Cleaned out the toy bin (yay!)****
  • Sent a message to a friend that I haven't talked to in awhile
  • Applied ALL my eyes drops at their CORRECT times*****
  • Took the trash ALL THE WAY to the DUMPSTER******
  • Let the boys do some much needed damage outside*******

  • Took the nail polish off my toe nails********
*No, this wasn't all the laundry. That was just the boys. And no, we didn't just come back from a month long trip in which I had no access to laundry facilities. That's about, oh, 1.5 weeks worth of clothes. And yes, I loathe laundry.
**The item not picked up-dog food. And not because I forgot it. Stuart and I had differing opinions on what to feed to the dogs so this trip I simply told my darling spouse that he needed to pick out what he wanted to feed the dogs and then courteously let me know what that is.
***This was my first start-to-finish creation. Pride overwhelms me.
****We already know how much I like to clean out. It was a good day.
*****You would think this an easy thing to do, but I have 3 different drops that all have to be applied at different times and at different intervals.
******Yes, this a big deal for me.
*******This was the first day that we didn't have to deal with snow or the aftermath, so we totally took advantage of the cool, crisp weather.
********I know, this totally interferes with my Sunday Night Ritual, but it needed to be done and I've had to alter my Sunday to compensate for working. Yes, it's taken me some time to deal with that.

I love checking things off my list.