03 February 2010

Urban Dictionary


  1. A Clarissa is a word meaning beautiful and perfect in every single way.
  2. Amazing, awesome, the best, cool, fresh, and NORMAL.
  3. The coolest person in the world!
  4. Name of an average girl that is really pretty, but is crazier than a mushroom stamp. Can sing like an angel, no better, like a Clarissa. Competitive and the one your boyfriend will leave you for. Always has a nice behind, but doesn't show it off like a bad girl. (Which is most of society.) People watch out because she's good at mind manipulation.
  5. Nice, cool, honest, reliable, smart, conservative, love animals.
I have to say that Urban Dictionary might have gotten some of this right!

Take for example, #1. I mean, what is there to complain about with that definition? It's totally incorrect but a lovely try. # 2, well let's just take a gander at the last description-NORMAL. NOT. #3 goes without saying and #4, well I'm not sure if that's a compliment or if someone happened to be thinking of Clarissa Explains It All. I think I might like #5 the best but obviously they haven't separated out the the good animals from the bad animals because put me in a room with spiders or snakes or bees and this animal lover is smashing creepy crawlers and screaming her head off.

I think this description still says it best.