10 February 2010

In No Particular Order

  • we had a staff meeting this morning and i was just pleased as punch to get up at 6 am in order to make it there on time. anything that requires you to get up BEFORE your children is just wrong. very wrong.
  • yes, the bathroom situation is driving me bonkers.
  • no, stuart doesn't really care how i feel about the situation.
  • we had our realtor come by yesterday to give us some advice about where to spend our money so that we can actually makes some money off of the sale of our house.
  • oh yeah, we're going to be selling our house sometime late spring/early summer since stu graduates in july.
  • and yes, the thought of selling our house and doing all the things that we need to do in order to make it presentable and sell able and the notion that people are going to be judging me by the way i decorate and clean and the idea of packing and moving yet again and all the money that goes along with moving is making my anxiety kick into massive overdrive.
  • if you haven't noticed by now, i am anxious about EVERYTHING.
  • legos are taking over my house.
  • i really wish we hadn't killed our grass this summer by emptying out our pool so that we would now have dormant grass and thus the dogs wouldn't frolic in the mud/lake that is known as our backyard and then traipse their lovely paws all thru our house.
  • i'm getting a little nervous about my eye surgery on FRIDAY.
  • have i mentioned that i'm having lasik?
  • two more days of wearing glasses :)
  • i had grand plans of sending valentine's to everyone from the boys but my plans never materialized and i'm ok with that.
  • i did however pick up a card for my hubby
  • and i also got him a card from the boys
  • i did get tucker's thank you cards in the mail, woo hoo!
  • since my sister found out that she was with child, i kinda got the baby itch.
  • i'm loving all the boy stuff at this site
  • i kinda like not capitalizing anything


Brittany said...

Where will you move after you sell your house?