24 February 2010

A Letter

Dear Weather,

First I would like to say that I really do like you. In fact, I even appreciate you. Sometimes. But right now you are not my friend.

I realize that without you we would not have, well, weather. No rain or shine, cloudy or sunny, windy or breezy, snow or sleet, hot or not-so-hot, humidity or can't-breath-because-of-the-amount-of-humidity; I don't so much mind most of these things (except for the humidity which I would rather shave my head and pretend to be a boy than go thru every summer). But right now you are driving me nuts.

We have never had nor seen as much snow as we have this winter. And in Wichita Falls, TX no less! (You do realize that this is technically still the south and snow is not that snazzy down here) Again, I don't so much mind the snow. It's really quite lovely. And the freezing temperatures that seem to go with the white stuff aren't that bad.

My problem?

Snow on Monday, a high of 59 on Wednesday, more snow on Thursday and cloudy with a high of 60 on Friday.

Really? Really?

Do you have to torment us with this back and forth cockamamie? I won't even get into what this weather is doing to the amount of dirty, muddy paws that enter into my house (it has increased) and I won't even tell you which way to lean in terms of hot of cold.

My one request-pick a temperature and stick with it for awhile. PLEASE.

That is all I ask. Oh, and if you could somehow make it snow chocolate that would be fantastic.