08 January 2011

In No Particular Order

we should have closed on our house yesterday but due to some verb-age on the buyer's house needing to be fixed, we are in limbo.

stupid legal jargon.
we are still using the a/c. it's january.
tyson has impetigo on his face.

i feel like a horrible mom for not taking him to the dr sooner.
stuart has today off. this makes me happy.
i scheduled my eye enhancement (finally).
because my eyes were so bad, i was informed that i would have to come back for an enhancement because it wasn't safe to try and laser that much in one session.
good thing, because i've noticed myself squinting some recently.
we had an absolute blast at the beach last week.
it's official that we are going to have to plan another trip sometime in the not so distant future.
my mom and sister are in wedding planning turbo.
they spent all day yesterday stuffing, stamping and compiling wedding invitations.
yesterday we also took the boys to get their ring bearer outfits.

just imagine a sangria tie and vest and brown leather shoes.
then picture their oh-so-cute cousin kate in a frilly little number and you have an ensemble that is going to be fun!
tucker's 4th birthday is rapidly approaching (feb 1) and i have yet to decide if we are going to have a party or not.
and if we are, i have yet to plan for said party.
apparently my ocd hasn't kicked in for that yet.


Andrea said...

Uggg....at Impetigo. Two of mine had it. On their rear ends...painfully and gross. Hope yours feel better.