26 January 2011

Yet another moment when I wish Stuart would take over

{getting dressed after his shower}
Tucker: Mommy, what's that?
Me: What's what?
Tucker: That. (pointing to his pee-pee-ish)
Me: Your pee-pee?
Tucker: No! What's THAT? (pointing to his "family jewels")
Me: Well. OK. Those are your testicles.
Tucker: Tell-ti-culs.
Me: Kind of. It's test-i-cul.
Tucker: They're weird.
Me: Yup. They sure are.


Jennifer W said...

Oh. Yay. I so look forward to that conversation. :P

Brooks Family said...

My daughter asked me today why my "boopies" (boobies) are bigger than hers! Ah the innocence of children!!