28 January 2011

Officially: Goodbye Tilden

Today, WE CLOSE.
{huge, gigantic, enormous sigh of relief}
This pot hole laden road has been hard, but worth it.
{and really it hasn't been as bad or as long as some people have had to go thru when selling their home}
We are officially homeless. 
So without further adieu, I proudly say 
Goodbye Tilden.

 Goodbye 50" tv that we sold with the house. Goodbye fun red shelves and beautiful, refinished, real wood floors.
 Goodbye plantation shutters. Too bad you didn't really work at keeping the light out.
 Goodbye dining room. Goodbye chandelier that Stuart took a week to hang.
 Goodbye really steep, attic stairs. Luckily I was the only one that ever fell down you.
 Goodbye Tyson's room.
 Goodbye bathroom that Stuart took 9 months to renovate. G-O-O-D-B-Y-E.

 Goodbye Tucker's room.
 Goodbye my room.
 Goodbye front loading washer and dryer that Stuart bought off craigslist for an insanely low price and fixed with a $60 part.
 Goodbye closet. You served all our clothes' needs very well.
 Goodbye my bathroom. You were small but you were mine.
 Goodbye big backyard.
 Goodbye pantry that had no shelves and Stuart built new ones for.
 Goodbye new stainless steel refrigerator that Stuart bought on craigslist for $100 and fixed with a $8 part.
 Goodbye new counter tops.
 Goodbye new shelves that Stuart built to fix the hole left by pulling out the old wall oven and replacing it with a brand new oven. Goodbye stainless steel dishwasher also purchased on craigslist for way cheap.
(Can you tell we like craigslist?)
 Goodbye built ins.
 Goodbye garage.

 Goodbye white house.

*while it might seem that I am emotional about the selling of our first ever house, trust me, I am not. I could not be more elated than I am now.