15 August 2012

...and Wednesday

It's Wednesday. Really? Can this week go A-N-Y S-L-O-W-E-R?

So here's what I know:

  • It's Wednesday. Duh.
  • 12 days till the first day of school. Also know as FREEDOM. For me that is.
  • I have two bulging discs. At C5 and C6. Those little lovelies are putting pressure on that there little nerve and that nerve pretty much controls everything in my left arm. It's a no win sit-e-ashun.
  • My doctor referred me to a specialist for the aforementioned dilemma.
  • The specialist needs my medical record and the referral from my doctor to schedule an appointment.
  • Since I have a PPO insurance plan, I don't technically need a referral to see a doctor therefore my doctor won't officially send a referral to said specialist.
  • The specialist WILL NOT schedule an appointment without a blasted referral.
  • Get my INSANE drift?
  • My arm really hurts.
  • The nurse that called me yesterday advised me to wear a sling to keep from using my arm thus helping with the pain.
  • My current doctor won't see me regarding my bulging discs and all that they encompass because she has now referred me to a specialist.
  • The specialist won't schedule an appointment without a referral.
  • My insurance plan does not call for referrals.
  • Lord have mercy, I am going to loose my already lost mind.
  • 12 more days till school starts...
  • Oh, and I thought this was really funny.


Tina said...

Oh my...I'm feeling your pain!! But in my knee!!! :)