10 August 2012


life rearranged

Doing more summer homework. {sigh}

Go Gators! This was our end of season party. And this was the "goofy" picture.

Turbo always watches over the playing. Or just lays on top of whatever the boys are playing with.

Stuart's deer mount. 
It's here.
It's huge.
It's beautiful.

She Reads Truth. Good, good stuff.

Tucker loving on Spencer.
My parents have to put him down today. It's been a very hard and emotional decision. They just found out that he has diabetes really bad and the poor dog is in a lot of pain. This is the best decision but it's still sad. :(


Brittany said...

Two things: 1) I made the same cake for Clay's knight birthday party but mine has stuff to look like a dragon. It's such a fun cake!
2) Our dog does the same thing with laying on the kids toys while they're playing with them. She's the first one to come when I call storytime or any kid activity so I think she thinks she's just one of the kids. :)