22 August 2012


Recently my mother made the trek to Tulia, TX along with her sisters (there are 6 girls total) to clean out my grandparent's house. My grandparents made the difficult and emotional decision to move closer to family and into an assisted living apartment. Obviously there were lots of tears shed and years and years of items were shifted thru.

My mom came home with several momentos or treasures as she calls them, but the greatest treasure to me is pictures.

Today, I dusted off my photoshoping skills and spent some time cleaning up some of those pictures she brought home. I can't tell you the years these photos were taken, but suffice it to say they are before 1950. :)

{My mom's mother, Beatrice died when my mom was 12 but it's so neat to see pictures of her. I can see a lot of my mom and a little of me in her.}


T.A., my grandfather

Beatrice and T.A.

L-R: Front: Barbara, Tina, Bonnie. Back: Beatrice, Teresa, T.A.


Jordana Haught said...

Love the pics! I think mom looks just like Gran Gran!! I see it in Beatrice too...but especially Gran Gran