02 February 2009

I Hate Mondays

Alright, so yesterday was Tucker's birthday. I need to vent some. He got two cards-one from my mom and one from Aunt Lala. He got two birthday calls-one from my mom and one from my sister. He got two birthday emails-one from my other sister and one from my mom. Have you noticed that NO ONE from Stuart's side of the family even noticed that it was his birthday???? I DID. Stuart thinks I put too much thought into this, but come on. I'm not expecting gifts or lavish things but at least the recognition that it was his birthday would have been nice. *steam coming out of my ears*
So....since it was Tucker's birthday AND Super Bowl Sunday AND Stuart had to work last night, we didn't have a party. That's really ok. We stayed in our pajamas all day and played with Scout (who is doing better but we are still going to take her to the vet today). We had pizza for dinner and cupcakes. I had fun. We ordered him the Step 2 Lifestyle Grand Walk-In Kitchen. Can not wait for it to get here! I think both boys are going to flip out when it's here and assembled.
Huggies Clean Team Wash Cloths-you smell awesome and making getting cupcake out of hair, nails and behind ears a breeze!

Clorox wipes-oh my gracious, you saved my life this weekend!

Swiffer Wet Jet-again, how would I clean my floors without you?

Washing machines-I really couldn't function if not for you.


Raena said...

That would bother me too! {{HUGS}}

Jennifer said...

Oi. Family. Maybe you and I can invent a giant machine that allows us to shove our in laws inside together so that they melt into a few decent, tolerable human beings. It's worth a dream. That kitchen looks awesome! Lucky boys!

Brittany Skloss said...

Yeah for Tucker! I'm sure your boys will LOVE the kitchen. You'll have to let me know how fun it is having two in there and the same time. I can't wait!
Happy Belated Birthday Tucker!