19 February 2009

Weight, Woot and Whoa

Today we went to Tucker's 2 year well baby appointment. It was no surprise that the child is huge. Since he's been born, he has literally been off the charts as far as weight and height. Today he made it back to the charts. {sigh}

Weight: 35 lbs 7 oz (>95%)
Length: 37 in (>95%)

Here's a little ditty I have done to compare my monsters:

Weight (in pounds) Comparisons
Height (in inches) Comparisons
And yes, I am completely obsessive. Here's another example of my OCD: I make up the bed as soon as I or Stuart get out of it. This includes when he gets up at 9:30 pm to get ready for work. Even though I am going to be getting in bed within a matter of hours, I still make it up. I also do NOT let people sit on the bed once it has been made. This causes me great strife and quite a problem for the dogs. It's what I do, and yes my therapist gets paid a lot of money for me to explain this.

So many of you have seen my status on facebook about "wooting." Here's the low down: Stuart is a complete and total geek, dork, nerd...I could go on but I think you get the picture. He is quite handy in the electronic department (he has an entire bin just devoted to "cables"). I digress. He hourly, {ahem} I mean, frequently checks dorky websites such as slickdeals.net, onesaleaday.com and woot.com. The latter sells gadget-friendly items at a great discount. The catch is that once the item is sold out, the deal is done for the day. Every once in awhile a wootoff occurs. This is where the aforementioned time sucking site sells items back to back for hours, days, or any other amount of time they deem appropriate. During said wootoff an item called a "bag of crap" (boc) will hopefully appear. The boc can contain anything from Texas air to a 60" plasma tv and anything in between. A boc sells for $1.99 + $5 shipping. You can see why my dear, sweet, wonderful husband is o-b-s-e-s-s-e-d with this. It just so happens that a wootoff began Wednesday at 12 am. And it is STILL going on. Because my husband is so caring, he had me start monitoring the wootoff waiting for anything "great" and of course the ever amazing boc. I am woot-stipated (thanks JF for the fantastic symbolism). Not only are both our laptops monitoring this site but we are also monitoring another site that is solely devoted to alarming you when an item sells out and a new item is listed from woot.com. Stuart also expertly downloaded this same software onto both of our phones so that while we are out of earshot of our computers we can be alerted of progress on the wootoff. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Last night I dreamed at woot. It's just WRONG.
**and no, we didn't get a boc. they sold 15,000 of them at 5:32 this afternoon. their server crashed when the item was listed. the first sucker got his boc within a second of the boc listing. darn it.**

Has anyone tried this?

I just bought it yesterday and I am kicking myself for not coming up with this idea. If I had a nickel for every fabulous idea I had, I would have -$.50. But seriously, this is marvelous. At the bottom of the bottle is an area with vent holes and inside are smelly-goodness air freshener beads. Who doesn't want the cabinet under the sink to smell better? It's amazing. Go out and buy it.

Shout outs:
Calculators-man alive, I don't think I can even add anymore with out.
Spoons-cereal just wouldn't be the same.
Microsoft Excel-oooh, I love making charts and graphs and sorting!


Brittany Skloss said...

Those charts are hilarious! I like to be organized but a chart has never even crossed my mind. Now I'm off to make a chart of something. Don't know what yet...