24 February 2009


I stated a new book this morning-"smashed" by Koren Zailckas. Stuart bought this for me and I needed to take a break from Karen Kingsbury. Here is an excerpt from the 1st chapter:

(at this point the writer is 14 years old and at a co-ed birthday party)
The only commandment that boys seem to live by is "Thou shalt be strong to the point of being cocky." That means pedaling their bikes toward three-foot-tall ramps without fearing broken ribs. It means taking a sucker punch without squealing. It means knowing how to change tires, drive nails, throw spirals, and unhook girls' bras without looking.

And while I don't think I'd be any good at being a boy, given the fact that I am constantly afraid, constantly crying, and characteristically weak, I envy the fact that boyhood's rules are consistent. Being male is not a mess of contradictions, the way being female is. It is not trying to resolve how to be both desirable and smart, soft and sturdy, emotional and capable.

Interesting. Just thought I'd share.