03 February 2009

Scout Update

First and foremost let me thank all you kind ladies that left me sweet comments on my horrible weekend with Scout, Tucker's birthday and mommyville. Y'all are the best and I totally can feel the virtual hugs from all of you!
Scout is great, great, great! We got her into the vet today and she did marvelously. The vet commented that she's a bit shy and timid but it seems to go with her past home life. She and I both agree that Scout is going to be a much happier and social dog living in the Doss house. :) After receiving every blood/fecal/mental test imaginable (I just threw the mental one in), Scout ONLY has tape worms. Rock on!! She tested negative for everything from heart worms to mange to mites. Some de-wormer, heart guard, antibiotics and ointment for her ears (from the cuts) and she is good to go.
An interesting note-Scout weighs 37.9 lbs. The vet said that a normal, healthy dane should weigh 80-100 lbs at 8 months. W-o-w. We've got a lot of fattening up to do!
The "big" problem for us was her tail. After a careful inspection, the vet concluded that it was only a laceration probably from smacking her tail like a whip against things. Keeping it bandaged will allow for the scab to stay on and the cut to heal. Yay! I was concerned that part of her tail was gone and then she would have had to have surgery. Yikes. Been there, done that (with Turbo and his leg) and have the $1500 bill to boot.
I am very glad to say that Scout is much happier now that she is in the house. AND she has only pottied ONCE in the house, but it was the first night so that doesn't really count.
The dogs are happy.
The boys are sleeping.
The husband is at work.
The wife doesn't have to clean up blood.
What a good night.


Jennifer said...

Ha ha ha. I must agree, a night without cleaning up blood is a great night. However, as a nurse working L&D this semester I don't know how many days I will get to have one of those nights!