22 February 2009

One Child Wonder

Today was an easy day. Nothing spectacular happened. Stuart didn't have to work (well, he does have to leave for work in about an hour), there was nothing pressing that needed to be done and the boys didn't hurt themselves or the dogs or the house. The wonder part came this morning. I needed to run some errands and Stuart needed to work on the truck. I get myself dressed, the boys dressed and was heading out the door when Tyson informs me, "I'm staying with daddy."
Normally this is when I would bring out the stern mommy, but today I changed my mind. I looked at Stuart and said, "ok." This brought out what I can only describe as the "evil eye" but in my husband. And just as quickly it disappeared. "Alright buddy. You can help daddy work on the truck." I can not tell you how much the boys like to play with daddy's tools but Tyson really likes to help. He knows more than any three year old should know about the goings ons in the garage and Stuart takes great pride in that.
So I load up Tucker and off we go.
It was fantastic!
I mean, Tucker is by far the harder child to handle and there were still bouts of whining and complaining. But how glorious it was to only have one set of feet kicking shoes off, one set of hands grabbing at things on the shelves, one mouth complaining about sitting in a cart, one body being kept from catapulting onto the ground, one diaper to be monitored, one pair of eyes noticing all the items that couldn't be purchased...ONE child!
I am in no way complaining about the fact that I have two children. I love my boys. But it was oh so nice to remember the feeling of only having ONE.
Now I must go think about someONE else and go wake him up for work.
Shout outs:
Deodorant-I'm digging your new scents.
Socks-I love everything about you, especially fun colors. Except when I sleep. I just can't do that.
New sheets-ahhhhhh...