10 November 2009


It's amazing how children really do have a language of their own and even more amazing is that we moms (and dads) know what they are saying. For example:

"Good girl"-Good Turbo or Scout
"Grandpa"-Uncle Steven
"Helper"-help me (i.e. help Tucker)

"Cheeseburger with steak"-cheeseburger NOT chicken Burger
"Cow ketchup"-Bar-b-que sauce
"White stuff"-sour cream

And this is what Tucker told me this morning:

Tucker: Where's Tucker? I find him anywhere.
Me: He's going potty.
Tucker: Tucker potty, mommy?
Me: Yup buddy. Tyson's going potty. Do you want to go potty?
Tucker: No, no, no, no, no. No poopies in hinney. Bye bye peepee!