02 November 2009

Post Halloween Post

This year was so much better for Halloween-ing. The boys were older (obviously) and were both excited and easier to handle. They had been talking about all the houses with Halloween for a long time, well pretty much since we got their costumes. And just like every other proud parent, we paraded our kids down the street and smiled, said trick-or-treat and thank you and then went home and pillaged our kids' candy. Here are some of my favorite things:

  • Tucker carried a chicken sandwich in one hand and his pumpkin pale in the other. When we left the house he wasn't quite done eating (when is he ever?) and so he decided to just take it with him. At first I thought it was humorous and that he was just going to ditch it but he carried and chewed on it the ENTIRE time.
  • Tyson pointed out EVERY house that DIDN'T have the porch light one. Unfortunately that was a large majority.
  • Tucker was absolutely enthralled in the concept of getting candy. The very first house we went to he just stood there staring at his candy like he had just won a million dollars.
  • Tyson couldn't get over all the costumes. A few scared him but he was so fascinated with all the "kids" that's all he wanted to talk about.
And here's a trip down memory lane...

Tyson 2005
Tyson 2006Tyson & Tucker 2007Tyson & Tucker 2008
Shout Outs:
Not having that bad of an adjustment to Daylight Savings-awesome.