27 January 2010


I have been blind pretty much my entire life. It all started in the 1st grade when I failed the plain 'ole eye exam at school and the school nurse sent home a nice little letter saying that I was to report to the eye doctor to get my eyes checked. This is what I came home with.
Gigantic, PINK glasses.
You may laugh.

Anywho, that was roughly 23 years ago. And in those 23 years my eyes have gotten worse, and worse, and worse. Today, I'm legally blind without glasses or contacts. Which really isn't saying that much since a large portion of the population is. But seriously, I am BLIND.

Stuart had PRK done in January 2007 and every since he got to throw away his glasses and wake up able to see I have really wanted to have eye surgery done as well.

Yesterday was the day.
The day I was going to find out whether or not I was a good candidate.
The verdict:

After taking some measurements, it was found that my corneas are 530 micrometers (?) and after crunching the numbers they would have to remove 135 micrometers, leaving me with only 395 micrometers. The hitch is that they don't want to leave any less than 400 micrometers so that IF further surgery was needed it could be done.
Well, fuyee.
He also told me that he had never seen a patient with as much nearsightedness AND astigmatism. Yea for me!

I left the appointment feeling really sorry for myself. Stupid eyes.
But when I came home, Stuart convinced me to call some other eye centers and get a second opinion. Since the center I went to was the only one here in the Falls, I had to broaden my search.The first (and closest) center is in Irving, TX and I made an appointment.

Here's hoping I'm not going to be blind forever.


Amy said...

I'm with you - nearsighted and astigmatism. One from my mom, one from my dad. My brother escaped with better than perfect vision. I've been told I'm not a candidate for corrective surgery because my eyes are still getting worse. Blah. Good luck!!!