22 January 2010

Friday, Friday (sing to the tune of "Monday, Monday")

I have to work tonight. And tomorrow. And Sunday. Blah.
Apparently the ER has been obnoxiously busy the past week. I hope the crazies stay home this weekend. Probably not.
A house at the end of our street burned down last night. Stuart called me on his way to school and told me to go outside and look left. Sure enough there was a huge pillar of smoke complete with fire trucks, ambulances and lots of neighbors gawking. Thankfully, no one was seriously hurt.
Stuart got a call yesterday from a brokerage firm that he applied to a couple of months ago. Yahoo!
He had to fill out a little questionnaire for homework in one of his classes; one of the questions was what was his occupation. Answer-Stay At Home Dad. Ha!
Tucker got two presents in the mail yesterday. And they were already wrapped. Score. This just finalizes that facts that 1) my baby boy is almost THREE. Yes, three. Tres. Tre. One, two, still-wearing-diapers-and-has-no-desire-to-potty-train-yet-three. And 2) we really need to pick out a present for him.
Tyson is not going to handle his little brother getting presents very well.
I read a book about food yesterday. Eh. I know what I am eating is bad. I know.
I re-framed some pictures yesterday and hung them in our bedroom. I LOVE pictures. But I need to print and frame more of Tucker. Stuart and I need to take more pictures of us.
I had to go into the garage to get nails to hang the pictures that I re-framed and found the title to our van. Outside. Not in the filing cabinet. Outside.
I cooked again last night. The boys ate almost everything and had seconds on some.
I'm about to balance the checkbook.
Then at about 10, I'm going to try and go back to sleep so that I can function tonight.
Here's a little something I found while cleaning up some space in my pictures folder.
Oh, I love this man!
P.S. It's Stuart when he was about 4/5ish.