06 January 2010

In Case of Emergency

Do you know what this is?
This is our "In Case of Emergency" information for Tyson, Tucker, Turbo and Scout.
It has never been used/needed.
But I've had it made and hanging on the pantry door. Just in case.
Well "just in case" is TONIGHT.
Yup, Stuart and I are going on a DATE.
Without the kids.
Like normal adults.
Like normal, married adults.
And we have a babysitter.
An honest-to-goodness-pay-him-when-we-get-home babysitter.
We met Mr. Babysitter last night and the boys took to him very well (he likes Legos).
Seeing as how we are going to start using him every other Thursday when Stuart and I have a conflict of schedules, we decided that tonight would be a good dry run to see if he was really ok and that the boys really do like him.
Cross your fingers, ladies.
Stuart and I have a date!


Danielle said...

Pray for Jeremey Haddix's family. His dad is in the hospital passing away as I type this!