31 January 2010

This and That

Today I have to put away my contacts for an ENTIRE WEEK. That's right. All week long I will be doning my glasses and preparing my eyes for their ultra special appointment on Friday. In Irving. With the Opthamalogist. To see if I qualify for PRK. Again.

It's not SO awful wearing my glasses, it's just that I get so used to seeing out of my contacts that it's hard to go back and forth. Plus falling asleep with your glasses on hurts. Not to mention that little fingers like to poke glasses and the dishwasher makes them fog up if you open the door to soon.

I talked to BOTH my sisters AND my mom yesterday. Kinda crazy. My youngest sister had a nasty car accident on Thursday (not her fault) so she was telling me all about her black eye and the idiot driver that doesn't know how to brake. Here's the carnage that is left of her car.

Have I mentioned that my baby boy turns THREE tomorrow? Just checking.

Our babysitter was going to do his first Thursday night watch of the boys this past Thursday but the weather was getting bad so MSU cancelled all their evening classes and Stuart got to stay home with them. So instead we asked him to come back Friday night so that Stuart and I could go out on ANOTHER date. It was glorious. Dinner. Adult beverages. Walmart. Starbucks. What more can you ask for?

Tyson keeps calling the babysitter a girl. Because he has longish hair. It makes me laugh. But I do try to correct him. But our boys will NOT have any sort of long hair. Ever. (I probably shouldn't have written those words down because I know that they will come back to haunt me.)

It snowed again on Friday so we have been stuck in the house again.

I took PTO from work tomorrow so that I won't have to sleep all day on Tucker's birthday. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself since I don't have to go back to work till Friday. I might actually be a real mom for a week and get everything done in a semi-timely manner.

Stuart is supposed to go to Home Depot today and by sheet rock. It's now been two weeks since ANY work has been done to the boys' bathroom. Ahem.

And to appease the masses, here's what I do when the boys want to play outside and I really don't care to dress them: