26 January 2010


My grandfather sent me an email yesterday.
I stand corrected.
Apparently I don't know how to read labels on pictures. The cowboy picture was indeed NOT him. It was my great Uncle Wes. Yahtzee.

So as not to confuse anyone any further and to prove that I DO know who my grandfather is, I give you more pictures.

His Navy days
With his girls (he had four, can you imagine the damage to his checking account?)
More recent picture with NeeNee
And if you were having a hard time picking out my mom in the family picture, this is her.


Aubrey said...

The 3 of you (Marci, Jordanna and you) are a perfect blend of your mom. I see all three of you in her. And I did pick her out right away.

Brittany said...

Your mom and Jordana look so much alike!

AutumnJade said...

I spotted her right away. Great photos!