19 May 2010

4 months and counting

I'm not going to complain.

I'm not.
I'm just going to inform you that it has been over 4 months since Stuart started working on the boys' bathroom.
4 months.
And counting.

And while I know that it's not entirely his fault that it's not done yet, I'm getting kinda anxious about it not being done.

We knew when we bought this house that it was old. Really old. There were several things that we knew we would have to "help out" in order to make this house more user friendly. Stuart got a little demo-happy with the bathroom with no real plan of attack. {just like he did with the floors and the kitchen}

I know that the biggest reason that things are still helter-skelter is school. I am 100% devoted to him finishing school. {we are ALMOST there} But I also know that Stuart is quite the procrastinator and he has a touch of ADD. He's wonderful and great and blessed with so many talents but time awareness if not one them {lucky for us it is for me}.

I'm just hoping we don't hit the 6 month mark on this.


Brianna Kay said...

I seriously think our hubbies are twins in some past life. ADD (ADHD for mine), procrastination, getting in over his head early on, never wanting to do the boring finishing touches. Girl - I FEEL your pain (AND we haven't used our own shower for 4 months as well b/c it just needs CALK). :)