28 May 2010


So this morning I put all my boys in our van headed to San Antonio.

I'm not going.
I have to work.
All weekend.
I must admit I'm a little bit excited about the peace and quiet but being alone for a few hours now and I already have the tv and the radio on just to have some noise.
I've already folded and put away all the laundry.
Done the dishes.
Picked up all the toys.
Made the beds.
And now I'm done.
And there's no noise.
Except for the dogs who keep jumping up to see if dad is going to walk in the door. (They were quite upset this morning when Stuart loaded the van and they didn't get in at the last minute. I think they were more than relieved though when I walked back in the house and they realized that at least mom was home. I'm definitely second on their list.)