18 May 2010

A Few Fashion Tips

I am by no means of the imagination a "fashionable" person; I leave that title to my two beautiful sisters. BUT I do know when something is really, really bad. Unfortunately I see most of that really, really bad category at work. This weekend was no exception. So to impart some of my very limited knowledge, I have compiled a list of fashion tips.

  1. A bra is a woman's best friend. Please, please, please invest in at least one. And when coming to the ER for the 3rd time in three days, wear it.
  2. A fanny pack is never ever acceptable. Ever.
  3. If you have time to get food on the way to the ER, you have time to put real pants on.
  4. Being that we live in TX, flip flops are a staple in 95% of closets. At least throw those on when leaving instead of house shoes. Better yet, at least wear house shoes instead of nothing. Gross.
  5. Man or woman, an A-undershirt is just that: an UNDERSHIRT. Meant to be worn UNDER another garment.
  6. That piece of cloth that's covering your dairy-air is not a skirt. If you're slightly embarrassed by it, we are big time embarrassed for you.
  7. Underwear should always be a must.
  8. Pajamas with cartoons are cute...for KIDS. {OK, so I may wear pajamas with cartoons too, but only IN my house}
  9. High heels do not always dress up an outfit.
  10. Remember your seasons. If you wear a Christmas sweater in May, you are going to be laughed at.
*Now if you have a TRUE emergency, throw all these tips out the window. But since some people consider a sore throat that they have had for two weeks an emergency at 3:45 am, these tips count for them.

Oh, and while I was busy at work this weekend noting what not to wear, my boys were busy doing this.

Stuart, in his infinite online searching savviness, came across a Lego website that lists tons and tons of directions for different creations. This was just one.


Andrea said...

Also, leggings/tights are not pants, nor should they be worn as such!! We have a high rate of tights-as-pants and pajamas-as-pants around here and it drives me insane. My boys get all giggly, why are the grown ups in jammies :)

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