08 May 2010

Day One: The Results

Well, it was a day. Just when I thought that there was NO WAY that Tucker was ever going to go in the potty, he did. Now don't get me wrong; today was NOT an easy day. Tucker kicked and screamed and bucked us every step of the way but it turns out that his desire for a new helmet won out over his desire to still wear his diaper (at least for today).

So the tally:

20 attempts at using the big boy potty.
5 actual goings in the potty.
2 pee-pee accidents in underwear.
1 poo accident in underwear.
4 total pairs of underwear worn.
1 load of laundry started because of accidents.
No hair loss due to mommy pulling it out of her head.

I think we faired pretty well.


Jennifer W. said...

I was thinking/hoping/wishing/praying about you all day today! I am so glad you are making progress. I want to pull my hair out and Avelyn just turned two. God bless you, Clarissa. And good luck on day 2!!!

Brittany said...

You can do it! You can do it!