27 December 2011

Because their father said so

That would be the answer to why we took the boys to the shooting range this past week: because their father said so.

Originally it was set up to be a time for Stuart and some of his family members to get together and do what guys do but then he had the brilliant idea to take the boys with him so that I could have some time to myself. A) kuddos to Stuart for wanting to give my alone time 2 days in a week. B) there was NO WAY that I was missing the boys' first shooting experience.

So, we loaded up and headed really far away.

The whole drive Stuart talked to the boys about gun safety and what to do if they ever found a gun alone (tell mommy or daddy immediately), how to hold a gun (never, ever point it at another human) and that guns are fun but dangerous (duh).

Let me just interject that the thought of my little, itty-bitty boys with a weapon is sincerely the scariest thing on the planet. Well, second to cockroaches and snakes. Oh, and clowns.

I can't tell you what kind of guns exactly that they shot but I know there's a glock in Stuart's arsenal, so there.

First up, Tyson. A little explaining pre-shooting.

Oh gracious.

Next up, Tucker. {gulp}

Seriously. Scary.

1st day shooting. Y'all, hold on to your hats!