29 December 2011

So Long, Farewell

Tuesday, I took down Christmas.
I know.
I would have taken it down on the 26th, but Tyson begged me not too.
It's amazing how much bigger my house gets after Christmas.
But I do love the twinkling lights.
And the tree.
And the carols.
And the hot chocolate.
And the REASON why we celebrate.

Regardless, all the stuff needed to be packed away for another year.

Goodbye tree. I have some different plans for you next year.

Goodbye bedroom trees.

Goodbye hanging ornaments.

Goodbye Christmas dish and moose.

Goodbye Santa.

Goodbye snowmen candles.

Goodbye door stockings.

Goodbye nutcrackers. We'll be adding to you!

Goodbye pretty mantle.

Goodbye poinsettia.

Goodbye white Santa. Sorry Stuart hates you.

Goodbye twinkling staircase.

See y'all next Christmas!
Well right after Thanksgiving. :)