06 December 2011


It's hard to believe that Thanksgiving has come and gone and it is now full blown December. Although someone forgot to get the memo to south Texas that it's winter because as of last week we were still experiencing temperatures in the 70's. In fact, I still have the boy's shorts easily within reach because that is how stinkin' hot it is here.

Anywho, so Thanksgiving. I have to think about it in days since that's how I process things. My whole family came down and so my mom and I divided both sleeping quarters and meal plans. Since there are now 12 people in our family (TWELVE), my mom and I decided that going out to eat should only really happen for one meal. So we got to spend lots of time around the proverbial dinner table.

Monday was a rush of cleaning and grocery shopping. Can I just say that buying groceries for to feed 12 is an interesting experience.

Tuesday, my middle sister and her family got into town. The boys were beyond excited to see their cousins, although Tucker was a little disappointed that Joshua is no longer a baby and no longer wants to be held. (He has already mentioned that he wants a baby for Christmas. And not the plastic kind.) I also relearned how much small children love to climb stairs.

Wednesday, my baby sister and her husband stumbled into town. This is also know as the dessert making day.

Tyson found a Peepaw hat

and a moose one

Kate joined in the hat fun

Joshua sat down just long enough to snap a picture

Thursday, well, what can I say? Gobble. Gobble.
our table

Tucker helping Aunt George bake a pie

Aunt George and Kate

Why yes, this is a pic of my fridge. My happy place is organization.

Aunt George and Tyson

Tyson and Mimi

apparently Peepaw is having fun too

sweet Joshua

my big boy

my sisters and I

Friday we all gathered at my parent's house to take family pictures. There are two things that make this feat almost unbearable: children and heat. Read the aforementioned section on temperature in December in south Texas. Friday night concluded with the most entertaining game of Catch Phrase ever. Even though the girls lost, we put up a mighty good fight. And the kids pretended not to notice that they were being allowed to stay up 2.5 hours past their bed time.

Tucker literally smiled like this in 95% of the pictures

my middle sister and her hubby

my baby sister and her hubby

looking at bugs

all our husbands doing what they do best

Saturday my youngest brother-in-law showed off his monkey skills and shimmied up the house to the roof to "help" Stuart put our Christmas lights up. The boys thought this was the greatest thing since Cars 2 and I was just happy to see twinkling lights.

Sunday I woke up and couldn't swallow. Literally, I could.not.swallow. And my tongue was swelling. So much so that I couldn't really tell Stuart what was wrong other than, I needed to get to the doctor. Since all signs pointed to an allergic reaction, I was seen fairly quickly but soon found out that my ailments were strep. Fun.

At least this problem presented itself AFTER I stuffed myself with pie.