20 December 2011

Want, Need, Won't

Today I want:
to crawl back under the covers and pretend I don't have to get up.
for the weather to drop a few more degrees so that it can really feel like winter (for once).
to have a fire in the fireplace.
to make lots of desserts.
to start watching our Christmas movies.

Today I need:
to clean certain parts of my house.
to finish wrapping presents (just to boys because theirs come from Santa so I also have to keep them hidden).
to pay bills (it's a shame they can't take a Christmas break too).
take my youngest to the doctor.
to paint my nails.

Today I won't:
be eating stinkbugs (sorry, we watched Fear Factor last night!).
be going to the grocery store.
be letting my dogs go potty in backyard (one day we'll  have grass and one day {soon} the dirt won't be mud).
have to think about being 31 for very long (my birthday is tomorrow).
be finishing the bathroom that is just waiting to be textured, painted and updated.