24 May 2013


life rearranged

Y'all, today I'm going to win mother of the year.
AND I'm going to be the boy's favorite parent for one fleeting day.
The Lego Store is coming to San Antonio and it's having a grand opening party this weekend, complete with a master builder.
We got postcards in the mail inviting us to come and help the master builder build an 8 foot R2D2.
So, being the rule breaker that I am (not) I am pulling the boys out of school early (eek!) and taking them to the opening early.
They don't know.
It's gonna be good y'all!
Now, on to our past week...

My sister-in-law introduced me to these life savers and they really are. I mean, G E N I U S.

Monthly co-op!

I did my nails while Stu was searching for a specific radio for his grandma. I kinda like it. :)

We spent over 3 hours organizing the Legos into same color boxes. It was a beast to do, but will make building so much easier.

This is my current favorite baby scent. And even though my boys are babies, I make them use it.

Yellow dog.

Apple trees. Of course.

I laugh and get scared every time I look outside. Who doesn't keep their bleached deer skulls in a basketball goal?

Tucker sent this picture to his sweet Hannah after soccer practice.

Then Tyson had to join in.

Last soccer practice!


I've been reciting this verse all day long for the past several days.

I love the crossed feet while he does homework.

Y'all, I left this mess out, overnight. It was a BIG deal for me.

Happy Friday!


Angie Thier said...

We are headed to the lego store today, too! Better while school is in than when all the kids are out, right?!