12 May 2013


Happy Mother's Day!
Today we take time to say thank you to all the women who make the world go round.
We help children wake up.
And make breakfast.
We put together outfits.
And get kids to school on time.
Who go to grocery store.
And plan menus.
We endlessly load and unload the washing machine, then do it again with the dryer.
And the dishwasher.
Who kiss boo-boos.
And always have the special band-aids.
We know the exact dosage for Tylenol, Benadryl and Motrin.
And can take temperatures with just a kiss on the forhead.
We stay up late "helping" with school projects.
And faithfully give spelling tests.
Moms know just what to say when you're sad.
And know just who to talk to when things need to get done.
We love fiercly and without end.
Thank you just doesn't seem like enough for mothers.

My maternal grandmother, Bea.

My maternal step-grandmother, Gene. {Neenee}

My paternal grandmother, Marion. {Meemaw}

My mom.

My middle sister, Marci.

My baby sister, Jordana.

And these two stinkers.
You gave me the greatest gift-
becoming your mother.
I love you.

Happy Mother's Day!