07 June 2013


life rearranged

Um, so, yeah.
It's been a week already, eh?
This week my boys grew up right before my eyes.
It's been a hard thing to process.
But summer's officially here!

I spent some one-on-one time with Lord Byron while my parents were out of town. He really wanted me to let him back outside so that he could eat all the sticks.

We went to a birthday party at an inflatable place and at the end they turned the lights out. The boys thought this was the neatest thing ever!

Sunday morning curls.

I love our after-the-boys-go-to-bed-couch-time.

Stuart gifted me some gift certificates to a salon for Mother's Day and I finally put them to use. Happy wife!
 Hot, tired kids does not a happy picture make.

Swim team.

2nd to last day of school.

My big SECOND grader. Oh my!

Tucker, Hannah, Tyson and Haylea. Love these kids!

Happy Friday y'all!